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Each slide will show an image and a question pertaining to a different element of Downtown. There are two different types of questions:

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If you have more to say about a certain question, please click the chat button on that question's slide and leave us your comments. Then swipe to the next slide.

Your feedback will be incorporated into Downtown Santa Monica's recommendations for the City of Santa Monica's Downtown Community Plan. This plan will help guide the future of Downtown for the next 15 years. So please take a moment to share your thought with us, and have some fun!

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Santa Monica
  • Green Infrastructure
    Should Downtown prioritize efficient resource use?
  • Retail Kiosks
    Would you enjoy more retail kiosks?
  • Elevated Walkway
    Does Downtown need an elevated view?
  • Shade Structures
    Should more shade structures be built downtown?
  • Planters
    Does downtown need more potted plants?
  • Trees
    Does Downtown need more trees?
  • Public Gardens
    Would you like more gardens in Downtown?
  • Outdoor Demonstration Kitchens
    Would you like a cooking class?
  • Places for Fitness
    Would you participate in a fitness class on the Promenade?
  • Fireplaces
    Would you enjoy a fire pit?
  • Play Elements
    Would you use something like this?
  • Light Art
    Would you enjoy a light art display?
  • Pavilions
    Would you enjoy temporary pavilions?
  • Games
    Would you like more games?
  • Moveable Furniture
    Would you like more moveable furniture?
  • Water Features
    Would you like something like this?
  • Food and Drink Festivals
    Do you want more of this?
  • Night Life
    Do you want more of this?
  • Food Trucks
    Do you want more of this?
  • Public Art
    Do you want something like this?
  • Public Art
    Do you want more of this?
  • New Seating and Gathering Spaces
    Would you give up a couple parking spaces for this?
  • Shared Outdoor Dining
    Would you attend an event like this?
  • Alley Improvements
    Would you attend an event like this?
  • Performance Spaces
    Would you attend an event like this?
  • Gathering Spaces
    Which would you prefer to have Downtown?
    City Swipe DTSM City Swipe DTSM
  • Gathering Spaces
    Would you use this?
  • Gathering Spaces
    Would you use this?
  • Biking
    Is it easy to bike Downtown?
  • Sidewalks
    Is it easy to walk in Downtown?
  • Periphery Parking
    Would you walk a little further if there was a larger parking supply?
  • Parking
    Can you find parking easily?
  • Parking
    Is there enough parking Downtown?
  • Uber/Lyft
    Do you take ride-share vehicles to Downtown?
  • Bus
    Do you take the bus to Downtown?
  • Car
    Do you drive to Downtown?
  • Walk
    Do you walk to Downtown?
  • Bicycle
    Do you bike to Downtown?
  • International Visitor
    Are you an international visitor?
  • County Resident
    Do you live in LA County?
  • Santa Monica Resident
    Do you live in the City of Santa Monica?
  • Downtown Resident
    Do you live Downtown?
  • Downtown Employee
    Do you work Downtown?
Santa Monica
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Santa Monica

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If you'd like to participate in the City of Santa Monica's Downtown Community Plan Survey or in a Focus Group, please visit www.DowntownSMplan.org.